Hazelwood chosen for Chinese movie

Hazelwood Power Station. file photograph
Hazelwood Power Station. file photograph

Hazelwood Power Station will feature as the backdrop for part of the largest Australian Chinese co-production film in Victoria.

The three-month filming of Whistleblower will hit Hazelwood for two weeks in early-to -mid September and is expected to boost the local economy in the areas of accommodation, food, fuel, local labour and hiring of equipment.

The film, from acclaimed co-producers Bill Kong and Greg Basser with director Xue Xiaolu, follows the story of a Chinese expat who, after experiencing a workplace incident, uncovers a conspiracy regarding the company he is working for.

Hazelwood Power Station will stand in for a power station in Malawi.

About 250 people, including film cast and crew, are expected to flood the region for the duration of the shoot and will be staying in the area.

Site owner ENGIE said filming would occur in the power station turbine house.

"ENGIE is not expecting any impact on operations at the site, nor on surrounding residents," a spokeswoman said.

"Access to the Hazelwood site has become available due to a window of opportunity presenting following the completion of the scope of decommissioning works and the power station site awaiting demolition.

"With the plant continuing to deteriorate, we do not foresee any future requests of this nature being met in the longer term."

Production company Edko Films Ltd will pay a location fee to use the site and those fees will be entirely donated to community initiatives.