Clubs recommit to LVCA

The CGCA and five breakaway TDCA clubs have reaffirmed their commitment to establishing the Latrobe Valley Cricket Association. file photograph

The CGCA and five breakaway TDCA clubs have reaffirmed their commitment to establishing the Latrobe Valley Cricket Association. file photograph


Seventeen clubs destined to play in the newly-formed Latrobe Valley Cricket Association have reaffirmed their desire to pursue the competition despite being denied affiliation with the Victorian Country Cricket League.

The LVCA's application for affiliation with the VCCL was defeated Sunday after the TDCA raised an objection which was supported 14-4 by member associations, with 16 abstentions.

LVCA spokesman and Churchill secretary Wayne Reynolds said "commitment to the new association was reaffirmed by all 17 affiliated clubs" at an LVCA board meeting last night.

"The goals of the LVCA and the establishment of the LVCA will absolutely continue," Reynolds said.

"The belief has not changed in any of the TDCA clubs that have decided to come across. Each of those clubs have confirmed they are very much focused on the LVCA and what that offers."

He said there were "lots of avenues open" with regard to VCCL affiliation and said the association was "exploring" its options, although he did not elaborate.

"We're maintaining an open dialogue with the VCCL and all stakeholders and our position has not moved in anyway," he said.

"The actions of the TDCA are disappointing but won't stop us from pursuing our vision."

Reynolds also said the "first steps" had been made to investigate ways to employ the structural model recommended by the Latrobe Valley Cricket Review Committee and said it was possible the CGCA would rebrand to become the LVCA.

"The original plan - obviously being to dissolve the CGCA and create a fresh new association from the ground up - is absolutely still our goal," he said.

"Bylaws are very important. The playing conditions, structures and principals of the LVCA presented to us in the draft recommended will all continue on - there is no deviation from that course at all."

In a statement, the LVCA said being denied affiliation with the VCCL was a "minor administrative set-back".

"The LVCA board has respected the processes in place to date, and will continue to work with the VCCL to ensure the affiliation of the LVCA in time for the commencement of the 2018/19 season," it reads.

It also rejected statements made by TDCA president Steve Kay which suggested the new association would be "destructive" for junior cricket.

"The notion that the LVCA may impact junior participation and development is a complete fabrication that has been fertilised in an attempt to misdirect the cricket community," it reads.

"The LVCA are committed to establishing an environment that enables participation to grow and for clubs to prosper.

"Seventeen of the 23 clubs within the LVCA catchment support the concept and the LVCA will work with all clubs and governing bodies to deliver on this commitment."

VCCL secretary Keith Thompson said "dialogue is open" with the LVCA and said it was up to the clubs to decide whether they wanted to play under a rebranded CGCA.

"The issue is that none of the clubs will be lost to playing cricket and it's up to them to decide," Thompson said.

"At the moment the CGCA was still an affiliate and the clubs can decide if they want to play with the CGCA. The VCCL is keen to see the matter resolved."

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