Magpies decide to nest with TDCA

Glengarry has voted to remain with the TDCA. file photograph
Glengarry has voted to remain with the TDCA. file photograph


Barry Little has resigned as president of the Glengarry Cricket Club after the club voted at a special general meeting last week to remain with the Traralgon and District Cricket Association.

Fourteen Glengarry attendees voted to stay with the association while only four expressed support for a move to the proposed Latrobe Valley Cricket Association.

The decision comes after the club lodged a request for a special general meeting to the TDCA executive in February regarding the proposed merger with the Central Gippsland Cricket Association.

Glengarry voted in favour of the merger at the meeting March and was also one of six that signalled their intent to breakaway from the TDCA in an open letter released last month after the merger was voted down.

However, Glengarry did not lodge a vote at last month's LVCA meeting with club president Barry Little stating the club "needed time to consider [its] position before committing to the LVCA."

He also said the club's position on the LVCA had changed since it was "no longer a completely merged association".

"That was the catalyst to it in the end. The club stakeholders went into this when the view was that all [TDCA] clubs would go," Little said.

"But when it came down to leaving five clubs behind people had trouble getting their heads around it."

Little, a vocal supporter of the LVCA and member of the Latrobe Valley Cricket Review Committee, said he was "disappointed" with the outcome.

"I still think affiliating with the LVCA is the right step but the club has instead chosen to stay with the TDCA which is not viable for me to work under at this point in time," he said.

"I honestly believe the sustainability of our club would be better served by joining the LVCA."

Wife Sue, who also voted in favour of the merger at last week's club meeting, has resigned as secretary of Glengarry.

Past president David Little, current TDCA president Steve Kay and Cricket Review Committee spokesman Tim Darby were also present at the meeting.