Gran proud of selfless act

Eight-year-old Hudson with his proud grandmother Heather Van Lochem. photograph cher jimenez

Eight-year-old Hudson with his proud grandmother Heather Van Lochem. photograph cher jimenez

A grandmother’s efforts to teach her eight-year-old grandson an important life lesson has paid off.

Hudson Dale Sperring did not give it a second thought when he split his money so that another boy in school could also buy his mum a Mother's Day present.

"The boy forgot to bring his money and I gave him $5 out of my money," Hudson, a grade 3 student at South Street Primary School, told The Express.

Hudson said he decided to help the boy out because he too needed help at one time.

"Once he offered to give me $2 when I forgot to bring my lunch order money," he said.

Hudson said he felt happy that he was able to help the boy and remembered what his nan had always told him: "Better to be remembered for something good than be remembered for something bad."

Unaware of how noble his actions were, Hudson casually told the story to his mum and grandmother, Heather Van Lochem.

"We were talking about Mother's Day and he said he bought his mummy something from the school but he didn't spend all his $10 and so his mum asked him what he did with it," Ms Van Lochem said.

She said she was proud her grandson embraced a lesson that she and her daughter were working on with Hudson.

Ms Van Lochem said her family came from a work background that dealt with health and wellbeing and community service, so it was important for them to teach Hudson about compassion and caring.

"I say to him 'there's so much desperation in the world, there's so many people and children that go without and it's all because of greed and people won't share and that in the end starts wars'," she said.

"If everybody learns to give instead of take the world will be a better place."

Ms Van Lochem said Hudson's selfless act made her proud as a grandmother and hoped that by his example other children would learn to share too.

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