Nintendo reveals DIY cardboard accessories for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has just lifted the lid on a wild new set of products for the Nintendo Switch aimed at builders and makers of all ages called Nintendo Labo.

In a video posted to its official YouTube account this morning, the company announced a line of products you assemble from a cardboard template and insert the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con into to create custom interactive experiences.

Via Nintendo of America PR

Together with the Nintendo Switch system (sold separately), the Nintendo Labo kits provide the tools and technology to MAKE fun DIY creations, PLAY games with your creations and DISCOVER how the magic of Nintendo Switch technology shapes ideas into reality.

With each Nintendo Labo kit, kids can transform modular sheets of cardboard – specially designed to interact with the Nintendo Switch console and Joy-Con controllers – into creations called Toy-Con. From a piano to a motorbike, a robot and more, each Toy-Con comes to life when combined with Nintendo Switch in different ways. As you build, you will have fun discovering how the technology works, and might even invent new ways to play with each Toy-Con!

In the video – which you can watch above – they show how to make things like a piano, joysticks, fishing rods, robots and more than can be controlled via the Switch itself with special software - no extra batteries required.

The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit and Robot Kit will both release in Australia on April 20.

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