Allen's Lollysmiths finds our favourite sweets - do you agree?

THROWING a Christmas party and not sure what lollies to have on hand?

A bowl of snakes could be the perfect choice.

Customised Vegemite, Nutella and Milo are all the rage these days and Allen’s Lollysmiths is offering its own personalised joy to the mix.

Boutiques in Sydney and Melbourne, plus online for all the regional folk, allow people to make a mix of their favourite sweets and create lolly jars, complete with personalised labels.

That’s your younger brother’s Christmas present sorted.

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But perhaps more excitingly, the Allen’s Lollysmiths experience has found out what our favourite jellied confectionery is.

In unsurprising news, Snakes Alive tops the list, with Red Frogs in second place.

Pineapple might cause arguments when it comes to pizza, but when it’s the lolly it seems we’re unanimously in favour of it – it’s third on the list.

Chocolate Freckles and red Raspberries rounds out the top five.

What do you think?

If you were making your own mix, would these be your top choices? Surely Jaffas have to make the cut too, right?

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